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How To Get High Paying Jobs Without A College Degree?

Everyone by default understands that getting a degree from a good college will fetch them a good job but more importantly, this is true in some of the cases and false in some other cases. With the investment in education, you are laying the foundation for your future, historically many of them benefited for a longer periods by gaining the education. Amid this, the fresh candidates after graduation find difficulty in finding the right jobs. If the degree were not there in the hands then what would have been the case of the candidate is a brainstorming question. People without the degree might have taught on how to secure high paying jobs without a college degree? the answer to this query requires an in-depth analysis, which is covered this article. The graduates who do find a suitable work will end up in choosing a low wage job with extreme and harsh working conditions. Excerpts from these kinds of stories give impetus to anxious questions such as the degree has or do have any role to play in garnering a high paying job to a degree holder or not.

Status Of High Paying Jobs Without College Degree In A Complicated Labor Market

With the changing economic conditions of the businesses and increasing complexity of a labor market, conditions have forced the recent graduates to face a critical situation of unemployment for a shorter or longer period or sometimes may end up in a part-time job or no job at all. The times of recession have driven the higher rate of underemployment where in educated graduates take up a job that does not require a degree. Unemployment and underemployment rate is high among young graduates because they require a transition period to understand the labor markets after their graduation. The rate differs in the case of unemployment and underemployment because the fields like engineering, technical training; education and health have performed well and will continue to do so in their domains even in a bad economic condition. These fields geared the major shift in developing jobs in the growing economies while challenging the labor market.

Even during the good as well as bad times of the economy, relatively the rate of underemployment and unemployment were higher among the fresh graduates while increasing their unproductive years. The degree holders have to go through these critical situations in search of the jobs in critical market challenges. The trend what the young degree holders have adopted is that of taking up an available job and then after gaining considerable experience making a shift to a high paying job, which comes with the market, normalizes. However, some of the reports suggest a negative effect on the salary part of the people who took the job in the recession period. The link between the degree, underemployment and unemployment is casual. While selecting the degree, one has to choose the path very meticulously because you can take up a good job depending on your skill set and abilities gained through the education. This caveat should take place in the minds of students at an early stage and with that a job confirmation in future can be determined.

Regularly updating with the information of the jobs created in the respective fields and other fields will increase the parameters for making the best selection depending on the salary. Gaining information about the jobs and industry trends not only helps the employable workers or job seekers but also the people who are making choices for pursuing a degree. In addition, it also leverages the employees in understanding the changes, who can pursue the interested courses accordingly. Investment in education has increasingly becoming costlier so the parents and students can decisively move forward in every aspect and land up with good deal. The information collection is best possible with the much closer engagements of the higher educational institutions with the industries, and that leverages their profiles as per the industry standards. This will also help the college students to take count of the industry requirements and the status of jobs and careers. Searching and finding a first job after graduation is a challenge for many of the educated people, in such a situation think of the non-graduates. A highest paying jobs without a college degree is possible to secure with an in-depth understanding of a labor market and its dynamics.
Top 10 High Paying Jobs Without A Degree

1. Distribution, Storage And Transportation Managers

The storage and shipping industry is the one that require a large workforce, a minimum of high school or diploma education is enough to secure this job, but most of the workers in this field are graduates. While having the ability to deliver an annual income of $83,890 to the employees and a hiring capacity of 102,610+, the industry brings in huge opportunities to the non-bachelors. Tough on the site work skills do require in carrying out the job, because the management of the logistics is one of the biggest challenges because they have to keep track of the items in the warehouse, shipping and delivery to the intended customer within time. Many of new graduates who have taken the risk of pursuing a career in distribution, storage and transportation are lavishing best salary today. An experienced candidate can land up in finding the high paying job without much difficulty. As per the estimates, the industry is going to change by 4.9 percent by 2022.

How to get high paying jobs without a college degree

2. Elevator Installation Executives

The job of elevator installers in the industry does not require a college degree. A person who desires to pursue a career in elevator installation or repairing then he/she had to undergo a year of apprenticeship which should include at least 400 hours of technical instruction followed by 2000 hours of paid training. The syllabus of the apprenticeship includes the Mathematics, Electrical Theory, Physics and many more subjects. With a projected change of +24.6 percent, currently the industry is compensating the jobholders with handsome salary. The job seekers in this industry can expect an annual income of at least $78,640 package, but some may land up in earning much higher pay scale than standard rates that is about $100,000 annually. In addition, this industry has a capacity of hiring 21,270 employees.

How to get high paying jobs without a college degree

3. Criminal Investigators and Detectives

This job involves a lot of in-depth analysis of the documents, cases and more such things while keeping the track of them. People who wish to see themselves as police or high profile detectives can choose this industry to pursue the career. A minimum of a diploma is enough to secure this job, but one has to qualify in written, medical and oral tests. However, there are many employees who do possess a college degree but, in fact, that is not required. Driven by its standard of authentic accessibility, a trustworthy and intelligent person is suitable for this job. The industry has the volume of hiring 109,960+ workers, and an employee can expect an annual income of $76,730. In the forthcoming days, the industry is expected to experience a change of +2.0 percent by 2022. However, some of the job seekers may gain a package of $125,000 or more than this.

How to get high paying jobs without a college degree

4. Commercial Pilots

Seeking to become a commercial pilot is one of the fascinating jobs indeed. In order to gain this job and a license, one has to qualify in the written test, medical test followed by a flight test conducted by the aviation administration or ministry. While hiring an employee for a position of a commercial pilot, a legitimate license is mandatory, and prior experience in flying is an added advantage. These are the essential requirements for most of the cases. However, the airline companies go for hiring bachelor degree holders, but for the airlines that are into photos, charter or tours business will hire pilots who have a requisite flying hours experience and a legitimate license. On the other hand, the pilots can gain technical instructions from the flight schools and the independent instructors. The industry moves by a good number of employees, a minimum of 37,340+ employees can secure jobs with an annual income of $74,470. It is being projected that by 2022, a change of +9.4 percent is expected in the industry because of an increased requirement for commercial pilots.

How to get high paying jobs without a college degree

5. Operators – Power Plant

The job of operators is to manage the systems, which are involved in the power generation and distribution around an area or a specifically pointed destination within the industry. The industry provides $68,100 annual package to the operators while possessing the recruiting capacity of 39,810+ employees. Taking into educational qualifications, a minimum of high school or diploma is enough to gain the job, but the most of the employers hire college degree or vocational degree holders. One important fact is that the job requires an extensive on job training due to existing work environment and conditions where a large number of risk factors are involved and that needs to be handled appropriately. The operators have to cope up with negative working hours (day, evening or night shifts) of the industry because of the existing work environment requires more work from the employees, but that will be compensated with an additional salary.

How to get high paying jobs without a college degree

6. Gaming Managers

The recent Scotiabank report had projected a slow growth of the gaming sector in U.S., and this is estimated by comparing with the other existing markets in the world. However, the casino and the gaming industry have not lost their roots. With the employable capacity of 4,460, the industry can pay an annual income of $66,200 to a jobholder. Estimations show that by 2022, the industry is going to see a +7.5 percent change. The gaming managers do not require a college degree to pursue their career in the gaming industry, but a minimum educational qualification in diploma is enough. Over the years, many of the managers have spent their time in table games or other jobs for a low paying salary, and if the government footsteps to license them then at least $66,000 salary package job can be secured in an easy manner.

How to get high paying jobs without a college degree

7. Transportation Inspectors

Driven by an annual package of $65,950 or even more, the industry is capable of recruiting 23,970+ people. Normally a non-degree holder can easily secure the job while being on the high paying scale. The work includes inspecting the people and the cargo to ensure a safe delivery to a designated place. An on-job-training for the job better trains a candidate to outperform the job while meeting the intended expectations. A job seeker can find a job in transportation systems like airlines, trains, and others.

How to get high paying jobs without a college degree

8. Mail Superintendents and Postmasters

The postal works require a good number of employees and these jobs are going to decrease by 28 percent with the increasing adaptability of digital systems in post offices and the related works. An employee is hired typically at a $65,150 annual salary or even more than this for an experienced person, but the annual income may increase in exceptional cases. A minimum of high school education and a diploma caters in fulfilling the job requirement, however bachelor degree holders over qualify for this kind of posts. This industry has the capacity of employing more than 17,930 people.

How to get high paying jobs without a college degree

9. Power Line Repairers and Installers

The demand for electrical line repairers is high in cities that experience a higher degree of rain or storms or floods. This happens because the damaged electrical wires require a repair and an establishment of broken connections at a faster rate in less time. A minimum of high school education or diploma is enough to fetch a job in this line and that has to be followed by a good technical training because that would help the seekers to grasp the skills involved in the job. In this field, more than 111,350+ employees are hired, and an annual package of $64,170 is offered to an employee depending on their skill set and experience. Employers expect a minimum understanding of trigonometry and algebra from the prospective employees. However, it is expected that the industry grows by +8.9 percent by 2022.

How to get high paying jobs without a college degree

10. Operators – Gas Plant

With an education qualification of high school or a diploma, a person becomes eligible for a gas operator job. The recent shift in the utilization of natural gas as a resource in most of the economies has created many jobs in the industry. The job of an operator demands, processing and distribution of gas to the companies while handling the risks dexterously. One should remember that the gas plant operator job is one of the high paying jobs. The industry has the capacity of employing 13,890+ people, and a job seeker can expect $63,680 annual salary. However, both the power plant and gas plant operator jobs are going to decrease by -8.8 percent by 2022.

How to get high paying jobs without a college degree

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