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How To Find Out Where Someone Works?

In today’s fast-paced world, where all of us are engaged in the rat race to earn our livelihood, none of us really cares about the whereabouts of others. The person, who used to be very close to you, may become a stranger to you if you are not in touch with each other! For instance, do you have any idea about the where your childhood classmates are and what they are doing? What about your close friends with whom you used to share everything during your adolescent years? And your college buddies, your roommates or colleagues from your first job? Well, “out of sight, out of mind” is the way, how our mind functions. Meeting them after a long time and going back to the good old days could be a very nice experience. However, it is only natural for you to not have any idea about their whereabouts, and nor do you care!  What if, you need to know certain information about people, whom you never met in your life? Let me tell you, there are ways to do that. Read on to get more insights on — How to find out where someone works?

How To Find Where Someone Works?

how to find out where someone worksTaking interest in someone else’s personal life could never be considered a gentlemanly thing to do. Nonetheless, many a times we find ourselves in scenarios where we have to gather details about someone’s work life. We think or verifying someone’s employment details, when something has gone wrong. Let us say, you have fallen head over heels for a person and considering getting into a serious relationship with that person. However, you want to know about that person’s employment details and earnings to check the veracity of his words, as one’s income plays a vital role in the relationship. Or maybe, you had a divorce and your ex is shrinking his responsibilities by not paying the child support and not ready to talk to you at all. It could be that you need to garnish someone’s employment details and to earn for a court settlement. Maybe, you are starting up a new business and have to recruit some experienced candidates, and you cannot afford to pay an HR firm to verify their employment details.  There are many options out there to get this information, some of them are as follows:

1. Contact his\her friends

The most common and easiest way to find the whereabouts of a person is to get in touch with that persons friends and relatives if you know any. This is what we used to do, before the arrival of the internet.  You can also go to the clubs or other places that a person used to frequent. You can make acquaintances and find out some information about that person. You have to be very careful while doing it, and your people skill do come into the picture here. You should try to build a rapport with them and let them know as to what you have been going through.

2. Using The Internet

We all are lucky enough to experience the dawn of the digital age. Internet and data go hand in hand, information on anything and everything is available over the internet. The ISPs who provide us with the internet connection, can track any activity over the internet.  They can pull up the data, pertaining to when any website was accessed for how long and even the IP address of the computer that was used to do that. Any email you send or any transaction you make, the details of all such activities are saved on the servers of the concerned authority. Most of the websites can accessed through Google, Bing and other search engines. For those, which run in the deep web, you might have use Torr browser and other search engines. Any transaction over the internet is recorded any; there is no way one can erase it. When it comes to finding out, a person’s employment details, the first thing we have to do is to locate the person. And to do that you can use popular search engines like Google, Bing and so on. Some are listed below:

A. Google

Google is by far the most widely used search engine for anything   one can think of. You could also find information about any person if it were ever uploaded on any website. However, challenge you might face is, you will get numerous search results if you go for a name search. Hence, you need to learn, how to search effectively on Google. You can narrow the search by adding the name of the place that person belongs to. You may also run a search using that person’s name and his\her year of birth.  If you know of any organization he was ever part of, you can add that is the search as well, and so on. Once, you have been able to locate that person; you can easily get more information including his employment details.

B. Social networking websites

This is the age of social networking websites, anyone who can have his\her hands on a computer will have a social networking account. In websites such as Facebook and MySpace, one has the option of updating ones employment details, which most users do update. Especially, when they are on the lookout for a new friends or a partner, adding employment details certainly makes their profile look more attractive! You can also try to contact people who are added to his\her friend list and get some information about his\her employment.

C. Career-focused websites

These days almost all of us update our CV on career portals such as LinkedIn, Indeed and so on. You can make a search by that person’s real name. If you can locate their account, you can access their CV as well. In our CV, we all update the latest information related to our professional life. Here, you can easily get that person’s phone number, e-mail id, and current employer as well!


This is one of the most preferred website for searching any business information or professional details of any individual. It also offers a free trial and there is a better chance of getting the right information when compared to regular search engines.

E. Search Wink

This is another free service over the internet, where you can search for employment details of an individual.

There are many such websites out there where you can search for any persons work related information. Some of them are as follows:


In case you are engaged in a legal matter and have to produce one’s employment information for legal concern, you need to permission from the concerned department for getting assistance from banks or mobile phone companies. Once you have gotten that, you can approach them to get help.

F. Cell Phone Number

In case you have the phone number of the person, the company issuing the SIM card can easily provide you whereabouts of the user of that SIM card. If you do not know the phone number of the concerned person, there are many ways to finding it out. The easiest way to do that is by locating the person on a social networking or job related website. Moreover, there are many websites available these days, where you can run a search using the person’s name and locate their mobile number. In case you have spoken to that person over the phone, long time back, you can contact the mobile number issuing authority. They have the option of pulling up. Old records and provide you with the number. However, you need to have legal permission to do that. Thus, it becomes very easy to get work related information for that person.

G. E-mail

Nobody can live without an email in today’s times. Therefore, you have to locate the email address of the person, whose employment details you want to access. You can get the email by running a search on his\her name in the social networking websites and job related websites as well. If you can provide the email id of the person, the email service provider can track from where it is being accessed and to which all organizations it has been given to.

H. Using SSN

If you know the Social Security Number of the person whose employment detail you want, you can easily locate that person’s tax information. Tax information includes one’s place of employment and earnings. You can also find out a person’s SSN using his or her full name.

I. Hire a Private Investigator

Even after trying out all the options, you are unable to find out the employment details of any individual, you can opt for hiring a Private detective. There are many agencies out there offering such services; you can choose one depending on your budget. Finding out, someone’s place of employment or earnings might get difficult at times. Throughout the United States, there are many such agencies; however, you have to be smart enough while choosing one out of them. If you want to hire some, with extensive training years of experience, you should be ready to shell out a good amount of money.  Some charge a flat fee for the service while some work on an hourly basis. Average hourly rate is around, $50-55, and it might go up to $100 per hour as well. Moreover, if the investigation involves travel, you have to bear the cost for that as well.

Some important tips for hiring a private investigator:

  • Always hire detectives from a pre-screened sleuth agency. To find out if the agency is prescreened, check if they are backed by the logical promise.
  • In some states the Private detective agencies have to be licensed, so please do check if the agency is licensed.
  • Private investigators have the right to access some information that a common man cannot. However, during investigation;, they cannot indulge in doing certain things. They are:
  1. Tapping someone’s phone line
  2. Access mobile phone records by using pre-texting
  3. Pose themselves as law enforcement personnel

Flouting any of the aforementioned clauses might land you in serious legal troubles.

  • Make sure that the agency and the sleuths are covered by insurance. Professional agencies will have insurance coverage.

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