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Useful Tips: How To Become A Teacher?

The individual who comes to mind other than parents and family members, when your heart is filled with gratitude is the primary school teacher. School teachers are defined as persons who provide primary, elementary or technical education to students. The workplace will usually be a school, college or educational institutions. In some countries, a teacher should have completed specified professional courses from a college or university. In this article on how to become a teacher you will be given the details of the various qualifications and courses for getting to your loved profession.

Why Become A Teacher?

how to become a teacher

Teaching is a rewarding, but challenging job where fate has options to throw challenges at you anytime. There are many reasons why some opt for the profession:

You can make a valuable difference in a child’s life by providing him/her the elementary education. Come, summer vacation and you will be on leave – the New Year can be ‘freshly’ begun after rest/relaxation. You can watch the surprise and bliss in the young angels’ faces when you explain a difficult problem in mathematics the easiest way. Believing that every individual has a right to live in this world, irrespective of all the defaults, challenges, are some of the humanitarian traits that a teacher should possess. If you have helped a child get over his/her fear of the subject they dread, you are three steps closer to God in your mind. It is the only profession where little minds can be taught to have feelings of patience, understanding or kindness. If you have understood human nature and become a teacher of repute, you are in demand. You will always stay young as the little scoundrels will demand every second.

Steps To Becoming A Teacher


You should have at least a secondary or high school degree to advance further in the education essential to become a teacher. Some countries require quality grades even from these school years. It is better to have a plan in place, so that you get to the required position as soon as possible, hence get good grades.


Many teaching programs require you to have the considerable time of experience working with kids. You can opt to act as a volunteer in a day care or child-friendly facility.

Graduate Program

It is advisable that you select a major which focuses on providing education to children, however, know the requirements of the locality and the State you reside in. Many States specify on the requirement of major or minor in education for elementary teachers, while secondary school teachers need to have a degree (Bachelor’s) in the specific subject they are interested to teach, such as Biology for Biology teacher etc. The secondary school teachers also have to participate in student practicum/teaching program.

To become a teacher, you have to get a license from the respective States – the requirement – the programs will involve teacher education. They will be given guidance on how to become qualified teachers. To get license, you have to learn pedagogy, methods and techniques so that you can have full knowledge of teaching. There are some programs that you can enroll for, after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree. The best program will be joining a nationally accredited school where courses are incorporated in the undergraduate program. The students can participate in the program as they continue their degree, and classes will be on education, methodology, psychology of learning etc. By joining these kinds of programs, you can hit two birds with one stone.

Masters Of Education

If you want be known and respected all over the locality as a favorite teacher, then, you can opt for this program. No previous teaching experience is required and it is not mandatory that you pass this examination, but the perks are more. You do not need to be a Masters to teach either the primary or secondary school, but the degree is most preferred by schools who want to put their presence on the global map. You can either do a Master of Arts In Teaching or Masters of Education. Having any of the mentioned two degrees can give extra attention to your resume and a fat pay check. Some schools pay for their teachers to get a Masters Degree so, if you are working in a similar kind of school, the lucky one!

How To Become A Teacher?

Passing Credential Tests

A teacher is required to pass the test to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Some States have their standard tests, but many emphasize on the passing of Praxis exam. The exam is managed by the Educational Testing Service for measuring elementary skills and particular knowledge on a subject to ensure, teachers are well educated and qualified. The Praxis is divided into two types:

Praxis I

Also known as the Pre-Professional Skills tests, it consists of 3 multiple choice question tests to measure basic skills in math, reading and writing (normal and essay); the tests are available on paper as well as on-site, and is mandatorily recommended by universities, colleges for getting admission for teacher education programs. The passing scores vary according to States.

Praxis II

This test is taken after you complete the teacher education program, but before applying for a license. Praxis II comprises of 120 various tests on content from different subjects, varying from world history to agriculture. The duration can range from one, two or four hours. If you are knowledgeable, you can take three exams in one day. As per the former test, different States have their standards for the passing scores, and the subjects they need to give a teacher license.

Become A Teacher

Get copies of all your certification and other documents ready. Prepare a CV. Get help from senior family members on how to prepare a resume. A teaching statement is preferred, so have it ready. The writing should contain a discussion of practices and beliefs in the role of a teacher, your plans to meet challenges and handle problems, and relevant information.

A letter of intent is sometimes asked for, in some institutions where you write, requesting the wish for a specific position. Include this letter only if asked.

It is vital to have a reference list of people whose names can help, get you the coveted job. The references should be written and formatted in the required style. Ensure you inform all the references that you are using their name.

Prepare samples of all the lesson plans you have written, the students’ work, samples or case studies you have used to explain, and books you like to work with.

Every school, State will have different needs, so modify your resume to the present job profile.

Teaching Location

“Where can I teach?” is the question asked by many aspiring teachers or students who want to make a career in the teaching field. If you have gained proficiency in the field, you can teach anywhere. Good and smart teachers are needed for the entire planet. If you have the stuff, no doubt you will be respected.

Public School

In these schools, you will find the majority of the students as they are state funded schools. You will require more patience and consistency in effort and training the students, but you will have job guarantee.

At-risk schools

These schools have students coming from low poverty backgrounds where they have chances of easily falling into a life of crime and drugs. Usually, they never finish school and go on to lead hard lives. Working in these schools can make your life fulfilled, but it is also dangerous. If you have become a teacher well adapted at handling these kinds of students, your student’s debts can be forgiven. You can find these kinds of schools all over the world.

Private School

Private schools will often have a large organization or Community Church at the helm. Getting a job in these schools is difficult, but if you have got a good, high degree background, you can be welcomed with open arms. The pay perks will be better, and the students will exhibit good behavior.

In College

If you get the idea that you are better at teaching adults, then opt for a college. You will need at least a Masters degree or at most times, a Ph.D. The pay is also good.

Online School

If you have a degree and want to acquire knowledge, get a teaching job at an online school. The pay will not be more, there will be no job security, no access to benefits, but the advantage will be, you can work from home, and you can make the schedule flexible as per the requirements.

Private tutor

You can start as a private tutor in your student years. The best way is to join a tutoring center or you can go to a student’s home and teach a subject. The pay will be less but the hours will be flexible, and if you are a student, you will make enough to equal the pocket money given by your parents. Remember, in this job, it is a one-on-one contract.

Associate Degrees

You can study two-year associate degree in a community college which will qualify you for the post of teacher assistant. The position will give you valuable experiences in the classroom as you continue the education.

Good luck in getting your favorite job!


Similar to other job, becoming a successful teacher comes with experience and having ideas. Teaching is more than just a job. You have to think high of yourself and set an example when you stand in front of a class and explain lessons. Teaching can be one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world, but if you miss the cues, you are likely to suffer from stress, pain and exhaustion. Some of the important tips have been given to you.

You have to prepare the classroom, and the lessons, as well keep records. You need to have passion in teaching to set up routines. Each student will be different, and so you have to teach the method that is useful for all the students.

Your attitude will be the only factor that can work wonders for you. Treat every student with respect – self-respect is important and have a proper plan in place. Students will want to see a tutor brimming with confidence, but calm, who can be easily accessible even after the working hours to solve their doubts. Remember, you have to make the students trust you as a friend/relative/parent, but at the same time a strict master who makes the rules.

Before teaching any subject, ask basic questions about the topic. Then you can build the foundation. Be smart and creative to focus only on the topic. Assign homework that can be done by the students which can make them remember their subject topics. Give them on Monday and collect them on Friday. The best teacher will be the one who can conduct quizzes on Friday to judge the ‘grasping’ of students. The performance will give you instant results. To explain a difficult problem or topic, try making use of a case study. In doubt, skip the subject instead of teaching the new facts wrong or making it confusing.

Every day, you will be on your toes, as there can be different kinds of situation to handle. Keep your cool, have a positive attitude and enjoy your job. 

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