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How To Become A Professional Soccer Player?

The football is one of the fascinating and the most loved game in the world; the game is pointed out with specific codes for its varied version names. The football game involves not only kicking the ball and scoring the goal, but a holistic development of endurance, team spirit, teamwork and more importantly the inculcation of the tricks and techniques. By just playing the football game, you will be able to perform all exercises ranging from running, dodging, jumping, kicking, dribbling and more. With the strong attachment of the regionalism to the game, many of the countries have modified the name of the game, according to their taste. United Kingdom and many of the non-English speaking countries have coined a new word to a football called as soccer (association football). The term football is called as Canadian football or American football (gridiron football) in Canada and United States. Similarly, rugby league or football in Australia, football in New Zealand, Gaelic football in major parts of the Ireland and more names to the football in different regions and countries of the globe. These different names assigned to the game can be called as football codes. With this, it is very clear that people go crazy with the game and therefore they want to associate themselves with the football and some of them even try to become a player. However, thinking of becoming a football player is a magnificent idea. So, the question is how to become a professional soccer player? The answer widely varies because some of them may suggest you to undertake the coaching or training, and some others may guide you to learn the game by yourself or many more such opinions and suggestions may seem better to you in learning the game.

How To Become A Professional Soccer Player

If you go into the history, then it becomes very apparent for you that the games were recognized and played in the ancient times under different names such as peasant games and more. The British took the football game seriously in the 18th and 19th century, and then codified the game names. In continuance with this, many of the English schools adopted these codifications within British Empire and in non-British controlled countries. But, the regional names started appearing at the end of the nineteenth century to the football, and this was practically implemented to aggravate the rich cultural heritage of the region as well as the country. Given to the love towards football, the England became a witness for the establishment of the first Football League in the year 1888. And after this, many of the academies, leagues and more started booming around like anything in various countries.

How To Become A Pro Soccer Player

To become a good player in the soccer game, one should be zealous and open to learning from the beginning of his/her training. While undergoing consistent soccer training, the player should possess certain qualities that are essential for the game. Dreaming to excel as a professional soccer player is the magnificent attribute of youngsters, so one’s endeavors should always be directed towards achieving and becoming a good football player. In this process, you may have to wait for a certain period in some of the circumstances because power, influence, connections do matter in almost all the games played across the world including football. One basic and an important thing that should be kept in the mind is that you should not lose your hope of receiving setbacks or failures because in this game, a considerable level of perfection is reached with lots of efforts and experience. So, we have featured some of the important things that are required to be obsessed with a person who intends to become a soccer player. Below are the points that help one to go through the soccer game training while adhering to the roots of the game followed by mastery accomplishment over the game.

Step 1: One Should Posses A Blazing Motivation

If you are thinking to become a popular football player, then one basic requirement is that you should enjoy the game without expecting anything. Gaining of name and fame can happen only if you stick to the game in a passionate way without expecting money during your initial days. Yes, you need to possess a typical kind of commitment, determination, and grit to overcome all the obstacles, stress, setbacks, pressures and more to mark a niche place in the game. A strong urge and passionate drive towards the football game will help one to reach a top level or to be identified as one of the top players. With this, a player’s importance starts thriving like anything while increasing his/her market value and popularity as well. After getting through this, you would start getting chances of receiving the world class training from best-of-the-best coaches, engaging with great players, a lot of possibility and opportunities to learn things, first class facilities, provision to play in big stadiums and more. This is something more than the salary for a professional player. A true love towards the game will help you go forward in spite of the obstacles and difficulties; otherwise the player may lose hope in the game and end up with the unhappiness state of mind.

Step 2: Train Minimum Of 10,000 Hours

According to the recent estimates from the studies, it is revealed that to excel in any of the game a person should undergo at least 10,000 hours of practice. The involvement of the player in the specific work should not be shared with other jobs or works. Moving with the dream of achieving a world class status, you should break up the time of day accordingly. It will come around three hours per day, twenty hours per week for ten years. Along with the practice, you should try to motivate yourself by reading books of great achievers from almost all the fields. If you want to be specific, then it is fine, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Step 3: Train Smart

Instead of training in hard manner, training in a smarter way would help a player to a larger extent. When you are playing in the team, you have to follow the rules and guidelines of the coach, where in you have to function according to the will of the coach, even though you have good amount of skills that are higher than those of your coach. In such matters, you should not think yourself higher than the other players or the coach or try to separate from the rest, instead what you have to do is, every day after the coaching hours you have to engage in a game with smaller groups and help yourself build and train. By doing these activities, you get sufficient time to improve on your weaknesses while ameliorating your strengths. So, schedule a proper timing and then fix yourself to that timetable. You have to enjoy the game instead of taking it in a wrong way.

Step 4: Think That You Will Achieve

While training in any of the activities or games, people would receive barking and screaming from the senior persons or the trainers. This is common in those periods; you should not be deterred by all such things. You should have a strong belief in yourself to make through all the negativities surrounding you. The stronger the belief, the stronger is the person because it is the belief alone that can move mountains. A famous saying goes like this “If you think you can, then you will”, and taking the inspiration from this quote, you should proceed further with a breathtaking determination. One of best formula adopted by most of the players is “belief + smart work + perseverance = achievement or success or accomplishment.” You should make yourself a fit person to adhere to all your principles.

Step 5: Creation Of A Spectacular Video Clips

A video footage of you is an essential ingredient nowadays for gaining popularity and reaching a wider audience. With the increasing internet savvy people, more the people are searching the details of their favorite players in the World Wide Web. Uploading a video that contains your playful actions and involvement in the game on YouTube or in any of the popular social networking portals will provide a platform for your fans to know about your talents, skills, and abilities. And the evaluation will become easier to the people while grading you the rank in terms of importance and this may influence in getting you the opportunities to play in the team or the leagues. While video graphing, you should use a good camera to catch the movements with utmost clarity and ensure for the same from your dear ones. Putting up a video on the internet is a kind of promo event that is nothing but an advertisement to heighten your traits using the technology.

Step 6: Groom Your Curriculum Vitae

Explain yourself to a coach or a trainer or club agent or club member, so that they can categorize you perfectly. You should build up your curriculum vitae in such a way that any person who goes through your papers should understand you within a minute. The main ingredients of the description should include image/photo, weight/height, experience, positions held, and links to videos and articles that have featured you. For executing this, you can make use any of the professional websites like that cater the service of sharing CVs of players. If you are a technocrat, then you can easily create your website to connect with the people and also for sharing or transacting your CVs to the intended people by using your email-id.

Step 7: Find Opportunities

With the talents and skills, you should now focus on showing them through the existing means by one or the other way. Before to that, you should search the opportunities and then make use of them to enable you with the skills. Some of the unique ways are presented here to help the interested people in finding the opportunities:

a. If your age is below eighteen years, then you should look out for the local academies where such programs are running. Give your hand in those trials if you can get through that.

b. You have to carry out a one-sided work of emailing and calling to the intended academies or the clubs, but you should be prepared for all kinds of negative responses from them. A minimum of fifty odd clubs should be tried on the first hand with a hope of getting through at least one of them.

c. Open the web site and then look out for the market standards and the available opportunities in your country and offshore destinations.

d. It is better to consult the agents, but you have to be careful about yourself from getting cheated by the dubious agents who tend to deceive the people for the sake of money. So, you have to be attentive while dealing with the agents and people like them.

e. There are instances where players have been selected by the clubs or the academies to play with them, on just attending the training sessions regularly without failing.

Step 8: Perform Well

It is a common phenomenon in every game that the players think of going to the next level or the top level, instead of focusing on their performance in each and every the match. No matter whether the match is being watched by the people or not, you should always stick to the game and try to perform as best as possible in every game even in the friendly or training matches. While engraving a deep valued performance of about 110 percent, you have to build up a good relationship with the people around you like coaches, teammates, club staff and more because the off-field support will encourage you to perform better in the matches. So, remember that relationships play a key role in leveraging your skills, talents and your performances in the matches. If you have a low opinion about yourself with respect to certain things, then make a list and then try to improve in a step by step manner daily.

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