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How To Become A Famous Rapper?

With your suave skills with words, you ignite a room full of fans clamoring and hustling for you in the brouhaha, while you swiftly gambol with the lyrics, swinging hands, bobbing head and zap! You wake up from an enticing dream and trying to figure out how to make it happen. Here you are, trying to know how to become a famous rapper. You are reading this post because you have an ignited passion to become a rapper and you are attempting to unwrap the rapper inside you and not because you are tempted to rap or that you just believe that you can juggle words better than others. So, how do you hit the ‘famous’ button? Read ahead to know.

If you are that someone who raps just as a hobby then you may not find much help here because it is absolute misfortune that so many who start out to pursue a rapping career fail miserably due lack of aesthetic consistency to their work. Rapping is an art that is derived from a state of thinking, and it is more than mere words. Hence, many misjudge it is just another lyrical song with beats and syncing words. If you have reasons to think as such, then you are in line for an unexpected surprise. Rapping is certainly not for the faint heart, if you aren’t emotionally strong against a few foul-mouthed pricks cussing or a couple jeers thrown at you, this career is a strict no! Also, this is never your future if you have commitments and goals like college, degree or other career motives, because as I mentioned earlier, rapping is full time dedicated career for those who wish to make an identity for themselves as singers and above else, a passion to break into the novice list of names who are the front runners of this industry. The competition that exists within this industry is intense and very much cut throat. If you can’t break it in a few attempts you can never break into your listeners heart and mind, because it is always about the first impression. If you fail to market yourself trying to make that first impression, you obviously fall in a queue with the list of people who have tried and failed, and it is a certain inevitable consequence. Sometimes, even when you are fully capable of outstanding lyrics, it isn’t sufficient to jump start your career as a rapper because you fail to make a right image for yourself.

How To Become A Famous Rapper?

How To Become A Famous Rapper

There are many noobs who start their rapping career by making many YouTube videos of them rapping their original lyrics or sometimes making a cover of other famous artists. But little do they know that such efforts sometimes fail to click, because despite having fine lyrics, you could still fail if you for making a poor quality video that lacks the aesthetic touch and it is good enough reason for viewers to ignore your video and you may be quickly passed off as another amateur. This is a firm example how you fail to market yourself despite having the talent for rapping.

Often many successful rappers have had a stormy past and a several list of motivation to add as reasons for their successful career. Also, they would sometimes have an identity of their own that isn’t music related. Like for instance when you are speaking about Jay- Z you are dealing with a rebellious man who shoots lyrics like arrows straight into the ears and hearts of his fans. Then, there is Snoop Dogg, who reminds us of a saucy eyed, weed loving, sassy singer. These men are more than words; they sport their attitude that becomes their identity. Also, in the long list of names that have made it big aren’t all about men alone, gone are those days when rapping was all about men and their arena. The all boys club has been officially breached by equally competing women who are worthy of every bragging rights like Iggy Azalea, Nicky Minaj and others who’s omission of names aren’t excusable when attesting the list of famous female rappers and have had mad following throughout the world.

A rapper’s delight is a maddening arena full of cheering audience who bobs their heads to the lyrics and song flow.

But there is also the other side of rapping that isn’t always about the glitz and glamor. This side of industry is about great singers or sometimes beginners who have got too saturated in the emotional conflict they rely on the drugs, alcohol and the notch up the bad temptations and have liquidated their career as rappers. It is important you acknowledge the risks of pushing the ‘fame’ button. Because it is a one-time process that becomes irreversible that can never be undone. It is a choice every artist makes when choosing fans and audience over personal lives. The privacy of your life is just a mere dream as media will be gleaming their cameras at you and with the spotlight always trained on you, it can quickly escalate when you are spotted away from your professional life. There is always a window of opportunity to be too involved in the negative aspect of this fame. You will only survive to be the artist that people crave to listen if you stay original, stay clean and love what you do.

What Do I Do To Become A Famous Rapper?

Simplifying the descriptions, here are the step by step approach how you can become a rapper. So before you make that claim as a rapper, be ready to make some sacrifices and here is what you must know;

  1. Anybody can be emotionally vulnerable, but not if you want to be a rapper. Remember, people almost love to insult and mock the other at the available opportunity, especially they love to boo and insult when an artist fails. So, brace yourself for insults from the crowd if you are just not competitive enough or if you are well… just too nice to compete with toughness.
  2. If you have commitments that are making you shy away from being a rapper, then do save your bit of time by pursuing what you desire, because rapping is for those wanting to be a novice with lyrics, famous with media. In short, it is a full-time career that requires your complete dedication and investment in the form of efforts.
  3. Obviously, it isn’t just sufficient that you jumpstart a career as a rapper. Growth is a must if you have a milestone to make. Hence, despite that infinitesimally small chance of you breaching the rappers club, you will be immediately burdened with expectations to improve your rapping skills or be prepared to being wrapped back into a bundle that your listeners would never want it be opened again and you could soon be forgotten and like it all never even happened, you could easily fade away and all that efforts you invested will be a white wash too.
  4. It is a rude fact that fame can sometimes change people in a way they did not intend to be at first place. You will be exposed to opportunities that can cause harm to self via numerous vices. If you are wedged between the thought if you could survive the temptation of the darker sides of fame, then there is no shame in shying away from investing your time and efforts into being a rapper.

When you are seeking a career as a rapper, here is what you will be doing to improve your chances of success being that artist whom the world will pay to listen to.

Being a famous rapper means most of your dedication to the music will require you to travel places far and wide. The logic to making it without breaking it is to begin by making one song and drive it straight into the heart and mind of the listeners. It is the best approach rather than making a dozen recordings and hoping people would listen to them. The similar approach applies to those budding rappers who begin their career from the YouTube. Rather than making many videos with less views each, make one video that people would love to replay, as the view per click increase for that video of your rap song, popularize it by all possible means. Go on a tour from near to farthermost destinations where you have fans wanting to listen to you. Once you have picked up the flow, you will be expected more from your fans and listeners. Then you can create or improvise on newer tracks. But make sure you develop your lyrical talents by stretching your style, abilities and giving a creative boost to your tracks to stay ahead of the race. If there is no uniqueness or improvisation to your style of rapping, you will fall back sooner than you have elevated to fame.

For a rap song to be a success, it has to have rhyming synced words to keep things in an interesting perspective, this had been the rule of thumb almost since the era when rapping began to immortalize men. Their ability to create perfectly rhyming lyrics and syncing them with equally exciting rhythm makes a rapper a person who is passionately followed by fans. So writing quality lyrics is critical. But moreover, what keeps a rap song exciting in the present times is the flow of music itself when you know that rap song you are listening is making you move your head back and forth that is true indication of rappers success.

If you have the talent to make syncing words, it is best that you start writing them first. You can write lots of lyrics before turning them into songs. Repeatedly read your lyrics louder and make sure they do not sound awkward even when certain words do not rhyme. Then, using YouTube search for instrumental Hip Hop tracks. Since recording at a studio or hiring musicians, can be expensive to some, YouTube is the best alternative where you can get studio quality tunes to help you with your lyrics. Be wise to choose while choosing the instrumental track, feel the music you have selected before you use it for your lyrics. Make sure your lyrics blends well with the instrumental record. But there is a catch, you must use a fine quality recording microphone as well, if you do not want to be brushed off as another amateur, because you will have a flat sounding, blunt unimpressive voice if you use any random recording device. Remember, the key to making it into the professional arena where you compete with big players is to ensure that you do not compromise on quality.

How To Find Market For My Tracks?

Once you are ready with your tracks and have made recording, your next big step is to let the world know about the rapper within you. You can start by showcasing your work by sharing with your friends and in social media. Make sure you tag in as many friends you have and ask them to share it as well. The heat level grows when more people listen to your music because they are irresistible, this is how fame grows in stages.

Above else, have patience when you are in that stage trying to earn the attention of people towards your work.

Here Are Some Tips To Keep Your Song Authentically Addictive

  1. When you phrase lyrics make sure you add a tinge of your emotions and make sure you tell a story with your track instead of making lyrics with random topics.
  2. The basic schematic of your lyrics must include rhymes and it is sweeter if you can pull off multiple syllables rhymes back to back.
  3. To keep your track slick make sure you keep it authentic, something that listeners aren’t expecting. This newness is how you drive a successful track.
  4. Build an image that is worth being memorable. Have a story to your life and give your character an identity that can be related to the type of music you make.

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