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How Long Does It Take To Become A Personal Trainer?

Every human being is born as an infant, becomes a child, a teen, youth,passes into old age and then, to the source where they came from. Just as the world changes according to the proverb “Change in permanent”, the body also changes as per the duration of time. You, as a human being, are stronger in the ages of 20 to 25, and the muscle mass gets substantially reduced when you reach the age of forty. You cannot assume – the same strength which you had without performing physical activity in the ages of 20 to 30, will be retained for the rest of your life. To stay fit, you need to perform, or indulge in any kind of physical activity such as running, jogging, cycling, hiking or participate in a martial art class such as Judo, Karate, Kickboxing for Aiki Jujitsu. To gain knowledge about fitness and anatomy of a human body, a human life will not suffice. Also, you have your career and family. It is always important to stay a student so as to gain more knowledge. For the question – how long does it take to become a personal trainer? Let us assure you that information with detail has been provided in this article.

Just you have good times, bad times are also a part and parcel of daily lives. But psychologists have noted that persons with the best health tend to face challenges in a more positive way than the persons in the least of health. If you are healthy, you will face the challenge with a zeal to win rather than just participate for the heck of life.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Personal Trainer

It is not only physical health that is important, but also social health, mental health, emotional health and spiritual health. But all the four are indirectly connected with physical health. If you are healthy, you will be immune to regular diseases such as cough, cold etc. Good health makes you stay at the present minute and answer every question fate throws at you in the best way.

If you are a veteran in physical fitness and you have decided to make a career for yourself, then welcome! And if you are always interested in sharing your knowledge with others about how to improve their physical fitness and goals, chances are you can become a fitness trainer. Unlike two decades ago, professions in fitness have become a billion dollar industry. If you are a fitness trainer, you will have flexible working hours, do what you love most, and inspire people to give their best. Similar to the other professions, you need to have a good soul to help genuinely others achieve their fitness levels.

Duties Of A Personal Trainer 

There is a belief, a personal trainer will be giving tips to clients only on working with weights. The job also requires briefing a client about physical fitness, nutrition, diets, lifestyle, setting realistic goals and more.

The public have become health conscious, and gyms are mushrooming in every bright locality. Imagine a teenage who steps in to form a body such as Sylvester Stallone, he will be confused with so many weights. Here is where you as a trainer step in and make him feel comfortable.

Ensure You Portray What You Preach

Since you are a personal trainer, your students or clients will look up to you for peak fitness levels. As per your job profile, you have to educate your clients on the requirements of physical fitness and motivation. Your physical appearance should be a non-verbal expression of the mental and physical levels you have achieved.

Physical trainer is a job profile where you need to be theoretically and practically perfect. You might be theoretically a mastermind, but you will seldom find any takers for your personal classes if you are not in great physical shape. You also need to train and practice hard more than your clients. You need a great amount of patience and positive attitude to succeed. You have to visualize and believe in the power of physical fitness enhancing your client’s lives. The belief will be the driving force for your clients to achieve the physical fitness they need.

Gain Information On Human Anatomy

If becoming a personal trainer is your passion, then be kind enough on yourself to get information on every aspect of the human anatomy. You should maintain a perfect diary of your clients’ personal fitness levels, their exercises, their daily needs and their improvement. Since your clients believe in you, improper exercises unsuitable to their body can lead to severe injuries, in extreme cases – disability. When giving instructions, kindly ensure that every equipment (machinery or weight) has to be performed in a separate style and educate them on the pros and cons of performing a particular exercise. Anyone can get certified, but kindly remember that each body is different. You need to select the best possible topics in motivational discussion to make your client come to top physical shape.

Always Stay A Student

You might be a sought-after personal trainer by many celebrities, but remember, one situation in which you are untrained, nor experienced can throw you out of balance. Ancient wise men have always emphasized the importance of being humble with self-respect. Keep yourself up-to-date with the recent necessary physical and medical updates of the world in tune with your client’s body condition.

You need to inspire your clients and become their trust-worthy companion. The reason – you have to lead the person who believes in you through physically grueling sessions that can be painful. As a personal trainer, always focus on the goals which you and your client have jointly discussed and bathe in the grades as your client moves from one level to another.

Ask/Gain Information

You can gain valuable information if you have got either a school/college senior or a relative who are in the same profession. Ensure you take notes of each important point after the conversation. There might be instructors who will be gentle but effective in making their clients exercise hard, and there will be some who behave in the similar fashion of boot camp supervisors. Meditate, or ask your friends about the type that can suit your type of personality.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Personal Trainer?

Any fitness gym or center will require you to have at least a certification. The document can be from any organization accredited by National Commission of Certifying Agencies. The curriculum might vary, so kindly ensure that you join a certification close to your preferred area of interest. State Diploma schools on personal trainer programs are aplenty and can provide you with practical training as well as theoretical classes.

Many of the programs has the minimum requirement as at least 18 years of age, possess certifications such as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and you need to pass the necessary exam before getting certified.

Qualification For A Personal Trainer

There are multiple programs offered by various Institutes and Organizations such as American Academy of Exercise, National Academy of Sports Medicine, and profile based associations like National Federation of Professional Trainers and Aerobics and Aerobics and Fitness Associations.

Enquire about the best programs in demand and be prepared to spend some money on the certificate, as well as other materials. You can also cut down expenses by enrolling in self-study certification programs. A certification is just a wild entry card to let you in the big competitive world of personal trainers. You will gain valuable experience in due course of time.

Organizations like International Sports Sciences Association, provide online personal training program which you can enroll. The time taken to complete can be a maximum of four to six weeks. You can receive your grade in a matter of few business working days. You can take the test at a pro-metric testing center. You can get the relevant material regarding your course material from the organization and then schedule your dates accordingly at a test center nearby.

You can be asked questions such as What is your background? Have you done any additional certification? How long are you continuing this job profile? Have you got CPR and other necessary certifications and so on.

Vocational Schools/Colleges

The course can take two years for completion, and the curriculum would have sufficient material to help you gain knowledge and pass the required exam.


In recent times, many fitness centers, gyms and health clubs are provided four-year college courses bearing the same grade as a personal training certification. Your subject major can be in related fields such as exercise science, nutrition, kinesiology or nutrition.

The duration you would want to become a full-fledged personal trainer can be from six to eight years.

Stand Alone But Walk With The Crowd

Since the profile you have chosen is competitive, you need to choose your specialty subject and then go for additional certification. You can in your spare time do a certification that can allow you to teach children with special needs. Always have a humanitarian aspect towards life. Good actions can reap huge awards.

Stick To A Plan

The time you will take to become a sought-after trainer will depend upon the clients and network you make. Try to work in different types of environment in various gyms that do not need an experienced trainer. You can start as a fresher and slowly work your way to the top by taking additional certifications. You can make a head-start by starting early as a “Floor trainer” since they do not need any certification.

Some famous gyms pay fees for getting their trainers accredited through an organization. They view the certification as an incentive given to their employees. Search in your locality for gyms having the option.

Upgrade To Your Next Level

Search the Internet, get help from your local contacts and look for jobs at reputed gyms. Or if you are already an employee in a gym, have a discussion with the administration that you want your job profile to be upgraded to that of a personal trainer.

A simple view of the great personal trainers will tell you that many of them had started their careers at local gyms only to branch out later. Gyms can act as a platform for getting guidance from other experienced trainers and information on clients.

One of the main challenges in working at a gym is that the management keeps a major portion of the money. But some reputed gyms provide other benefits in the form of health insurance and incentives.

Maintain Good Relationship With Everyone

A good soul is necessary to succeed in life. Your formality smile and false attention will be peeled off in time. If you are working as a personal trainer, chances are the management might allow you to provide free first session with clients. The duration of time, you spend with your client can be used to make them interested in your knowledge, style and skills. Since the paycheck will be based on commission, the more clients you serve, the better.

Please keep in mind that you might have to sign an agreement (non-compete). The document prevents you from attracting clients from the gym if you decide to branch on your own.

Become A Personal Trainer On Your Own

Staying as an employee is different than running your own business. When you are an employee, you seldom have to worry about your salary, your daily-use-to-things etc. Becoming a trainer on your own, you have to take care of yourself, the equipment, day-to-day expenses and various aspects. The experience which you get from working ten years as an employee – you can get in one year.

But irrespective of all the challenges as an entrepreneur, you will keep your money and if you put your life and passion in the job, it will be a matter of time before you start enjoying the fruit of your work.

Search the internet on How to start a new small business. Also, keep in account the rules and regulations in the particular State. Ensure that you understand every aspect of starting a new business such as payrolls, taxes and insurance.

New trainers usually hold a free session either in their homes or a familiar place with required equipment. Ensure the environment is attractive since you have to attract clients.

In the beginning, you can share an apartment with other personal trainers which might be less expensive. The one word that has become synonymous with success is ‘marketing’. Open a Facebook, Twitter account and post photos of your clients working out in your studio after obtaining their permission. If a top personality is your client, you can request him to post his views via your website. You can also advertize in the local paper or hold events to market your ability as a personal trainer.

Career Option

In a survey, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that the demand for physical personal trainers by increase by more than 20 percent from the time of 2010 to 2020. Public has realized that physical fitness decreases medical costs and other negative factors such as stress etc.


If you have not selected the subject after high school you had to go to college for, but you have a physique that is the center of attraction. You would have noticed that many students enlist your help to achieve their fitness goals. In your case, ask the inner mind, whether you have it in you to become a fitness trainer. There are options for also conducting classes via online.

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